Saturday, January 25, 2020

Dungeon Room Saturday: Lonely Painting

Hey folks, I'm thinking about creating a series of rooms that you can incorporate into your dungeons, mazes, castles, haunted manors, etc. These will be short little posts that shouldn't take you more than a few minutes at most to read over and understand. Hopefully you'll enjoy them, and will be able to plug them into whatever dungeon you're working on. Let's plan for Saturdays?


Lonely Painting

Door: Splintered, barely hanging on a hinge. Wood.
Height of Room: 10ft
Dimensions: 20'x25'
Smell: Musty, with a bit of bloody flesh
Dressing: Painting of Heinora, a bunched-up rug on the south side, ornate silver torch sconce, old red velvet couch

Inside this room, your attention is immediately drawn to the northwest corner, where several large chunks of the wall lay strewn about next to a gaping hole in the wall. The hole is big enough for two grown human to crawl through.

On the east wall, a painting hangs within a gilded frame. The portrait is of a woman in her later years, in a cerulean gown with flowers in her hair.

  • If inspected, she will speak to the one nearest her. Her manner is very proper, and she dislikes brutish-looking individuals, preferring to speak to a gentler, more sophisticated soul.
  • Heinora Phyndral's picture was hung and forgotten. She is upset no one ever comes to speak with her or visit.
  • She saw the creature who burst through the northwestern wall and out the door, but will not give the information without having someone to talk to after the characters leave. Perhaps another portrait of someone else?  
Who is Heinora Phyndral? (1d4)
1. An elf woman who has seen many of the past ages, until her grisly murder by her daughter
2. A distant relative of a PC, who hid their family's wealth in their ancestral burial place
3. A disguised witch who is bound to the painting until the bronze censer is lit within her sight
4. One of the first humans who came to this land millennia ago, on a ship she calls the Mayflower

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